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Zambezi Valley book partners with Game Rangers International

Updated: Mar 10

I am honoured to have my book “Zambezi Valley – The Lost Stronghold", which is an account of the Zimbabwe Rhino War of the late ‘80s and ‘90s, featuring in Game Rangers International’s website as one of the books in support of this important organisation based in Zambia. Proceeds from each sale go directly to the NGO’s projects on the ground: Wildlife Rescue, Resource Protection and Community Outreach. These match the inspiring principles of conservation found throughout the book, which were also the focus of the gallant efforts made by the Game Rangers I met and followed, back in the day, during the epic campaign to preserve the greatest surviving wild population of black rhinos in the wilderness of Zimbabwe – and indeed of Southern Africa as a whole.

Describing Zimbabwe’s visionary conservation policies of the time, "Zambezi Valley" strives to testify to the complexities of conservation in Africa.

This is one of my Partnerships for Nature forged with Game Rangers International, whose motto ‘We are all Rangers’ means we can all contribute in our own way towards preserving Africa’s wilderness - in harmony with the communities who share the same spaces – for future generations.

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