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Storytelling for Africa's wildlife in Grenoble

Updated: Mar 9

I have partnered with the awesome Clik Gallery, founded by Suzanne Porter in Grenoble, and pluri-awarded photographer Arun Mohanraj, during his exhibition there from 1 to 24 February 2024, to promote the conservation message and Game Rangers International's projects which I have undertaken to support from France.

To the NGO, Arun is in fact generously donating 15% of all sales from the event. Proceeds from my book 'Zambezi Valley, the Lost Strongold' and The Wild Charm Baby Elephant silver charm will be added, on several occasions during the exhibition.

Arun Mohanraj's lens captures wildlife of breathtaking beauty, attesting to the perpetual confrontation between humanity and the wild world for survival and for the occupation of natural space. Over 15 years, his work has become a reflection of the essence of wildlife in Africa, highlighting the challenges faced by animals and local communities. Through his photographs and experiences, he is highlighting the role of those involved in the field, including Game Rangers International, in preserving the delicate balance between man and nature.

His work, like mine, is a call to action, encouraging the public to reflect on the pressing need for conservation, for which I am grateful to Clik Gallery for this valuable opportunity to join forces.

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