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Partnerships for Nature in Africa

Updated: Mar 9

In my recent stay in Southern Africa from August 2022 until March 2023 I have seen a fantastic growth in conservation tourism and witnessed new partnerships between NGOs and wildlife departments, game reserves and local communities. I reconnected with established contacts and created new ones. I came back as Ambassador for Italy and France for a formidable conservation organisation based in Zambia & UK focussing on Rangers and Elephants, and as promoter of a Black Rhino reintroduction project based in Zimbabwe. I have devised an exclusive, comprehensive Pachyderm Conservation safari in Zimbabwe with a special safari guide & operator who will conduct it locally.

I suggest to widlife enthusiasts and lovers of Africa three Wildlife Experiences in Conservation, for those who would like to support important local biodiversity projects through participative travel and volunteering: such experiences will forge memories lasting a lifetime and will help make a difference.

Being a passionate conservationist who uses different media, I choose to promote these projects: I am not a travel agent, I simply aim to connect those who would like to visit them and give their contribution.

Africa is exciting and changes your soul !

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